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The final objective for our patients is to provide integral health to both mother and baby. For this our team of experts of our Fetal Medicine Unit works with the most advanced technology and state of the art high resolution ultrasound system in order to complete studies. Second opinion consults are also carried out on patients suspect of fetal pathology.

The sonogram is the “star” diagnostic test in all pregnant women to correctly diagnose the well being fo the baby and to discard malformations. For this reason sonograms are performed throughout the entire pregnancy.

During the first weeks of the pregnancy the objective is to see if the embryo is correctly implanted:

  • First trimester sonogram (12-14 weeks): The nuchal fold or nuchal translucence is measured. When this value is high it is a cue for possible cardiac or chromosomic anomalies. The definitive diagnosis of chromosomopathy (100%) is carried out by studying the fetal cells and diagnosis for cardiopathology by exhaustive sonogram studies.
  • Second trimester Morfological sonogram: Studies the development of the baby and takes a very detailed look at its anatomy in order to rule out malformations. It includes ecocardiograph (study of the heart) and neurosonograph (study of the brain). The risk of the mother having pre-enclampsia (high blood pressure). In this sonogram the sex of the baby can be confirmed.
  • Third trimester sonogram (32-34 weeks): The well being of the baby in the womb is measured by its movements, growth and estimated weight. Its presentation for delivery is also considered (head down or up), as well as the condition of the placenta and amniotic fluid. Finally, a Doppler study allows us to verify that oxygen and nourishment are reaching the baby correctly. It is also possible to diagnose malformations that are do not show up until the third trimester.

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