Reproductive medicine - Dr. Marcos Ordenes

Intergal couple assessment

Ample experience in diagnosis and treatment of sterility and infertility.

  • Personalized and unique treatment of our couples.
  • Permanent and personalized attention 365 days a year.
  • Quality laboratory in the Ruber Internacional Hospital.

Principal Techniques and Treatments:

  • Artificial Inseminiation.
  • In Vitro Fertilization.
  • Spermatic Microinjection.
  • Mini-IVF.
  • Donner sperm for reproduction techniques.
  • Eeva test for best embryonic selection.
  • Ovodonation: programme for reception of ovules and embryos.
  • Preimplatational genetic diagnosis.
  • Fertility preservation; programme for oocyte vitrification.

Medical Team:

Dra. Silvia Iniesta Pérez. Doctor in Medicine. Master in Reproduction.
Dra. Beatriz Bueno Olalla. Doctor in Medicine. Master in Reproduction.

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